Principles Of A Strong Water Policy

We believe the following principles should guide water allocation and water policy in the province:

1. The market should not decide who has access to water, and licence holders should not be able to profit from licences they were granted in the past for free.

2. Water transfers should result in no overall increase in water use. Only volumes based on reductions in water use resulting from conservation measures should be allowed, and any transfers in over-allocated basins must require a holdback to return water to the river.

3. Water regulation and allocation must be democratic and transparent. It must be managed by bodies that are accountable to the public, such as government or First Nations management plans.

4. Not all water use is equal. There must be a system of priority for water use that guides allocation decisions.

5. Indigenous rights, and the voices of Alberta’s diverse First Nations and Métis communities, must be an essential part of processes regarding decision-making about water.

6. Water policy and management, including the establishment of minimum instream flow needs, should be based on science.